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The FPCD has raised awareness about the construction of the Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum, which was established in 2005 in Dili and aims to preserve Timor- Leste’s national historical heritage and to show and celebrate the resistance struggle undertaken by the people of Timor- Leste.

The museum has a permanent exhibition, which gives an overview of the Timorese resistance struggle, including its leaders, its key moments, and the role of young people. The museum plays an active role in the community, working to promote and sponsor cultural and educational events that preserve records and memories of the struggle, show acknowledgement of and appreciation for veterans, confirm national unity and identity, encourage the study of Timor-Leste’s contemporary history, and recognize the steps taken in achieving peace.

The museum also periodically features temporary exhibitions which promote further research and understanding of specific aspects of Timorese history.


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