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What We Do

FPCD – Uniting People for Sustainable Development

We Educate about the needs of Post Conflict Countries

We Link Post Conflict Countries with goodwilled partners

We Build clinics, desks, youth centers and community programmes

Since 2005, the FPCD has mobilized more than $700,000 dollars for development projects that have united people and bettered their lives.

The FPCD is honored by support from the Principality of Monaco. This support has allowed the FPCD to be the link between the philanthropic Prince Albert II to Timor- Leste. This has resulted in concrete development assistance and created a strong and fruitful relationship between Monaco, Timor- Leste, and the FPCD.

The Principality of Monaco has allowed us to pursue our passions in Timor- Leste: improving maternal health through the construction of maternity clinics, the improvement of the environment and creation of sustainable food sources through our reforestation and community development projects.

We also partner with like minded organizations- we act as a bridge and a force of good.

Through electronic newsletters, social media, networking, organization of conferences, cultural visits and fundraising, FPCD is able to be a small part of helping achieve the United Nations Global Development Goals.

In its first 10 years, the FPCD mainly worked in the small island nation of Timor- Leste. Timor- Leste is located in South East Asia. It was originally a Portuguese colony for several hundred years before decolonizing in the 1975. In 1976, Indonesia invaded Timor-Leste. This began an independence movement that lasted until 1999, when the Timorese unanimously voted to restore itself as an independent state. The struggle for independence led to destruction of infrastructure, terror, and thousands of displaced civilians. In recent years, Timor-Leste has official declared its motto to be “Goodbye Conflict, Welcome Development”.

The FPCD also organizes seminars, conferences and roundtables for educational purposes. The Foundation also organizes cultural visits to post conflict countries.

Our partner organizations work in South Africa, Haiti, Mexico and internationally.


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