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The FPCD oversees two separate environmental projects, funded by the Government of Monaco. The first, the Reforestation and Family Income Project, takes place in Ermera, Timor- Leste. It is an integrated program that addresses global health from a nutritional angle by creating kitchen gardens, diversification of food crops, fish ponds, chicken coops, coffee plantations, and shade trees so that families can have a stable source of both food and income, all while making a positive impact on the environment.

In addition, this project has seen the reforestation of over 66 hectares of land, and the building of water sanitation pumps, public water taps, and public wash houses and toilets in communities throughout Ermera. For community members that once had to walk many kilometers for access to water, these sanitation pumps and public wash houses have greatly improved the lives of those living in Ermera. The hub of this project is the Bakhita Center run by Eddie da Pina.

Our second project, supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation, is the Sandalwood Park and Environmental Center, which is currently under construction in Lifau, Oecussi, Timor-Leste. This project supports the revival of sandalwood, demonstrates the benefits of reforestation, fosters the development of forest-based industry, promotes tourism, and educates about sound environmental practice and skills.


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